Lions News · Limited Attendance for home contests

We are excited to welcome limited fans to some of our contests for season 1. We are limited to 200 people per event, including players, coaches, game personnel, and officials. Unfortunately, this will not allow fans for our football games. For games in our stadium (girls’ soccer) and our gyms (volleyball) we will be allowing home fans only. The number of fans we can allow will be based on the number of participants in each contest.

Each fan will be required to complete their attestation and temperature check prior to entering the venue. Athletes will be told how many fans they can have 1 day prior to the game and families will need to submit the names of individuals attending by 3pm the day of the contest. Families must clear requests through the Athletic Director.  No one will be allowed admittance if they are not on the pass list.

All fans must wear a mask for the entirety of their time in the facility, the mask must be double layered and worn according to CDC guidelines (covering mouth and nose). Any fans out of compliance will be asked to leave the venue. Crowd must always observe social distancing requirements and follow directions of the game staff. Venues will be accessible 30 minutes prior to the start of the contest. Once the contest begins, the doors/gates will be locked an no admittance will be allowed.

Thank you for your understanding and supporting our athletes