Lions News · Important Season 1 Information

Welcome to Season 1 Sports:
We are excited to welcome our Season 1 athletes to campus tomorrow February 8 for the official first day of sports. We know that everyone is excited to return to play and to participate in the activities of their choice. Please read the following information regarding the mandatory procedures for students accessing the athletic facilities for co-curricular participation.
1) All students are to complete the Wellness Check PRIOR to coming to campus. Every student has the Wellness survey loaded onto their school iPad as a shortcut on their device. Completing the survey prior to coming to campus will alleviate a “bottleneck” at the check in location.
2) All students MUST check in prior to practice in the Loyola Center lobby, located at the top of the stairs coming up from the main parking area. Check in will begin at 2:30 for students on campus and 2:45 for those arriving from home. It is important that students do not arrive onto campus before 2:45 to avoid congestion at the check in location. Check in will consist of confirmation of Wellness check survey (green check mark) and a temperature check with the kiosk in the gym lobby.
3) Students that are participating in ON CAMPUS learning will have LIMITED locker room access. This access will consist of changing into their practice gear and then taking their bags to their designated practice area. In the case of inclement weather we will provide a space indoors for storage of bags. Students arriving from DISTANCE LEARNING will NOT have access to the locker room areas. The expectation for athletes coming from home is that they will arrive ready for practice.
4) After check in athletes are to move to their practice location as quickly as possible. Locations for February 8 are:
Football: Bowl
Girls Soccer: Memorial Field
Cross Country: JV baseball field
Volleyball: Booster gym
Golf: Fircrest Golf Course